Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video Review- Eastern Rises

I once heard someone ask "How can you stand to watch golf on t.v, it's boring to play, it's much worse to watch someone else play on t.v..." or something to that extent.  A golfer would answer, until you fall in love with the game, you can't appreciate the talent and skill of professional golfers.  The same could be said for fly fishing videos.... minus the professional fly fisher.... if there is such a thing.

There are several great fly fishing videos on the market and the interweebs, but none has been more awaited or talked about than the release of Eastern Rises by Felt Soul Media.  A film of fishing rivers that have never been fished in Kamchatka (yes, the Kamchatka in Russia, as in the Soviet Union, as in Comrade, as in "is that Frank Smethurst double hauling in Red Square?).  The video is now due for release in August 2010.  The Hatch was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy, thank you Travis!!  You're really not a wanker, I was only kidding.....I've embedded the entire video below!..... Ok, not really, it's only the trailer from Vimeo, our copy came with some explicit warnings and copyrights....ok, not really, but it did say for in home use only and these dudes worked their butts off to get this footage.  I've seen a bunch of these fly fishing videos and the so called "professionally" produced "feature" film DVD's.  The latest in the list is Rise by Confluence Films.  It has about 20 minutes of actual fishing and catching and about 35 minutes of interviews with guys I would never want to fish with (well, ok, maybe Mike Lawson from Henry's Fork Anglers, the man is a legend).  Eastern Rises on the other hand, is short as far movies go, but the shots of rainbows slamming mouse patterns is crazy.  And the interview portions are at least entertaining.... and there's a Sasquatch sighting, so you know it's entertaining.

Check out the trailer below, then pick up your copy in August, or swing by the Hatch House.... but bring the popcorn.  Fun film to watch, well worth the price of admission.

Eastern Rises | teaser from felt soul media on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Computer Viruses and Fun with Deke

It has been over a month since our last blog update.  We were fighting a nasty computer virus and just got the PC back up and running.  Sorry for the delay, we are now back on track.  Since ice off and the weather has turned to spring, we have been moving Deke's land training to the water.  Everything he has been learning in the field is slowly being transitioned to the water.  Here's what Deke has been up to:

Day 1. We started with playing fetch in the water, from the boat

Day 2.  We introduced decoys on the water.  Deke had previously been retrieving bumpers in the decoys on land.

He learned to get in out of the boat and hold the bumper until he was told to drop.

Oh, and we still fish around here....