Thursday, October 22, 2009

Still Waters and Duck Clubs

Sweets and I got away on Columbus Day to one of her favorite stillwater fisheries in Southern Idaho.  I also had the priviledge of hunting on one of Utah's oldest duck clubs, the Harrison Duck Club in the South Salt Lake Marsh.  After watching how these doods hunt, I've been living the hard life.  It was pretty windy and the birds stayed put, but it was a great time and a unique experience.  Ok, Ok, on to the fish porn....

The "My fish was bigger than yours" smile

Odd duck out

This bird decoyed right in.  "We're pretty close to the airport" is an understatement

Monday, October 19, 2009

Let's Talk Turkey..... And what stinks!?

Ricardo and I had two turkey tags from the Spring that still needed filling.  We headed to the Smith farm for a day of tough hunting.  Afterwards, we were asked to dispatch a stinky little fellar, so we obliged.... well, Ryno did anyway.  A big THANKS to the Smith's for allowing us to hunt their hill.....

Rusty, the turkey wrangler....herder? Shepherd?..... aah, Whisperer..

Ricardo made an impessive shot.... at 15 yds


The catch and release of pesky critters....

Ryno with his trophy.  He was asked to remove his pants for the ride home.  They stayed in the back of the truck.

We're not sure how he scored, but we're thinkin he's a Boone and Crockett

The kitty cat is now big enough to eat Kiley.... whole

Old tractors are soo cool!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stressful Decisions

One would think when fall hits for a person who loves to fish and hunt, they would have perma-grin all day. To be honest, this is the most "out of doors" time of year for us, but the decisions to be made are quite stressful. Do we head up to Idaho and hunt ducks? Where? The water is up in all of the reservoirs we frequent, which one is holding the most birds? Do we go after ducks or geese? Or, do we fish? The fish are frantically feeding, they are sensing the approaching winter and the lack of "evening hatches". But do we hit the river or the lake? Local or day trip it somewhere? Oh the stress of it all. On top of those questions, the colors are literally bursting up the canyon, do we have time to head up and capture the exploding reds, oranges, and yellows on camera? There is only one thing to do..... all things. Burn up some vacation days and do it all. We've been busy chasing birds, catching fish, and standing in awe of the beauty in Logan Canyon.  Sweets even made it out on a girls only trip with her sis and P-nut.  Below are some of the outings over the last week. The perma-grin remains....for awhile longer

Dennis running one down....

Blue Wing....wing

Ryno got out on the youth hunt and showed he can add to the jerky supply

Tom throwing one heck of a rooster tail with mud motor

This tree literally had green on one side and blazing red on the other

Ricardo got lucky....

Taking pics with a digital SLR and holding a fish at the same time can be tough.  I felt sorry for this little guy, we had a few takes...

Pucker up.  Lucky Fish!

P-nut wondering if that fish enjoyed it as much as she did

Sweets showing P-nut where the fish hang...