Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday? Purple Friday!

Since wading icy rivers and slippery rocks seemed so much safer than braving our local Walmart, Deke and I set out to make a point.  Purple flies catch fish.  Since I have yet to train Deke with the ins and outs of a DSLR, you'll have to settle for self-fish-portraits.... but good enough to make the point.  Start tying.

 Purple Peanut...

 MK Midge

Purple Peanut, again.  I had consistent hits and hook ups using those two flies.  I even managed to hook Deke in the tongue..... yeah, we wrestled around on the ground and until I was able to get a hold of his tongue in one hand and the fly in the other, one strong pull and we had a clean release.  After taking a few drinks of river, he looked at me with a "Dude, WTF?" look.  Sorry buddy.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Purple is the new Black

I've been wanting to post this up for a few weeks.  A couple of posts earlier I mentioned how purple is the latest rage in flies.  Below are some of the patterns that have been sticking fish in Northern Utah waters.  The Purple Peanut has been exceptional (Sweets witnessed its effectiveness on Saturday... but that's another post). PLEASE excuse the lousy photos, I am no macro photog.  If you'd like the recipe to any of these, cast an email to richsprague at yahoo.

Redneck pumpkin smashing.  Can you spot some of the steel shot? (upper right corner of the pumpkin)