Monday, January 23, 2012

What's Hatchin'?

When The Evening Hatch first started to crawl around on rocks in its nymphal state (2009), there were several, ok hundreds, ok thousands of fly fishing related blogs on the interweebs.  Since then, we've had some time to explore some of the blogs and have enjoyed seeing fly fishing cultures from around the globe.  Some of them we have added to the Blog Hatch.  To be honest, if we put up every blog we loved, the list would never end.  Each week we discover another, then another.  Below are some recent findings.  If it's a slow day at work, give them a gander.  Especially Southern Culture on the Fly, the latest eZine.  I never realized there was such a large fly fishing community in the Southeast.  I feel a road trip is in order.  Blue lining.
Bent Rod Media, they were kind enough to buy some advertising space atop our Skybox.

Gink n Gasoline, updated daily with some great tips and incredible images from Louis Cahill.

Southern Culture on the Fly, a fresh online magazine with wit, humor, and great imagery.

Livin' the Dream, when you're ready to man up, try following these guys around as they chase and capture mountain lions or hike all over Idaho in search of big game.  Be sure to watch the NatGeo clip showing a capture in Wyoming.

Mysteries Internal, if she's not buried in 12 feet of snow, Erin is fishing or writing about life.  She's a very talented writer and has the biggest blog list I have ever seen.

Ian Provo...and Bro, I'm not sure what they enjoy more, fishing or skiing.  But their videos and imagery from both sports will knock your socks off.  Check out their latest ski and steel adventure in the works.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Fat Lady Sang

Our 2011/2012 waterfowl season has officially closed.  I must admit, as I get older, my desire to pursue ducks in below zero temps has waned.  Before, there was no keeping me from getting up at 4am and breaking ice out to that years honey hole.  Maybe it is old age or the way our season began (we scouted a local lake, only to find it drained within a week.  No one bothered telling us...) that kept me in the covers on this years brutal mornings.  However, when the "last" day of anything arrives, you get up, get out, and get excited.  I was optimistic yesterday morning.  Deke, when realizing we were going hunting (when the gun case in my hand, he's clued in) was banana brains around the house, perhaps he knew it was the last day?  So we trekked out to our little hole, set up decoys, and......took pics.... cause we didn't take any birds.  Ahhh, there's always next year, right?  Perhaps it will be warmer....

Sorry Buddy, it's gonna be a long 9 months, isn't it? Wanna go fish?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Taking a bite out of.... fin

I had these sitting on my hard drive since Christmas Eve and meant to throw them up, but year end came quickly.  Here's a couple from our last trip before the river closed for the season.

I don't know what happened to this guy, but that looks like it hurt.  He's pretty stunted as well.  These are fish you wish you could see their life story.  Any guesses?

Good morning Ms. Brook.  You've had quite the swim.  You came down from Idaho, down the main stem, and back up to our little hole.  You must be tired, I see that you're hungry....and your favorite color is purple.....

 Big Rich Chili.  This was waiting for us when we came home.  The easiest and best tasting chili you will ever eat.  If you need the recipe, shoot me an email.