Monday, February 21, 2011

The Green, Snow, Traffic.... and Fish

Here's a few from this past weekend.  Gear Guide Wyatt joined us for our annual midge trip to the Green River.  The weather was less than stellar, but the midges came off nonetheless.

Yes, this is the same fish, but I thought it was pretty cool seeing the angler and the photographer, in the reflection of his eye.

The Gear Guide, with the new Hatch reel

We saw lots of snow on the drive out of the gorge

Why is there a blurry picture of cars?  Well, this was our parking lot, sometimes referred to as I-80, and the cars are all stopped at mile post 34.  The accident was at mile post 14.  We waited 4 hours without moving one inch, while they cleared the 11 semi-trucks from the East and West bound lanes.  We were lucky, when we finally hit marker 14, East bound was still closed.  Lucky?  It still took us 10 hours to make our 4 hour drive.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Deke Nose Best...

It's been fun to watch Deke get his "snow nose" this winter.  Yellow labs are notorious for losing the pigmentation in their noses during the cold winter months (oh, and it's been cold!).  Below are a few shots from this year showing the transition.  The black color should come back this spring and summer as the weather warms (hopefully).  There certainly wasn't anything wrong with his sniffer.  He followed his nose to several downed birds in the bushes.