Sunday, October 28, 2012

Paying Tribute

Back in the fall of 2006, Boomer and I went on what was to be his last pheasant hunt.  With his graying muzzle, Boomer brought his A-game to the hunt.  He was spot on and worked the field the like a spry young pup.  I snapped a shot at the end of the day with the birds hanging on a fence post.  Flash forward to 2012.  Boomer has been gone for 2 years and Deke is doing his best to fill the all-around-dog shoes.  We hunted the same patch of ground and found birds.  I couldn't help but put the birds up on the same fence post and snap a shot of Deke.  RIP Boomer, you were an incredible pup.


Pretty cool you can see the lines in his pads.... Not cool that his tracks were top of all other tracks on the trail.  We made a lot of noise...