Sunday, January 3, 2010

Feliz Navidad del Rio Verde

Well, that's about it for my Spanish, but at least you know where we spent Christmas.  As some of you know, our little family has been blended, and every other year, Sweets and I find ourselves kidless on Christmas.  Not wanting to sit around the casa (look, more Spanish), and miss the crew, we headed over to the Green for some solitude.  Wow, I've never seen an empty river at Little Hole before.  It was awesome to be able choose where to fish knowing no other soul had fished the same section all day.  It was cold, really cold, but we managed a few hours a day in the water before heading back to the lodge.  We were able to catch a few fish, it was slow as well as cold, so reaching for the camera on every hook-up did not sound appealing. 

There's a few pics from a New Years hunt Ryno and I had and a Deke update. 

Here's to some tight lines and birdy skies in 2010!

Aaah, not a soul in sight

Did I mention it was cold? 

Sweets feeling small, very small in the canyon below the dam

Sweets feeling loopy...

Gentle Valley, Idaho

Ryno with some green of his own

 Next to dogs and elk, horses are the neatest animals to watch... one of those animals whose only purpose is to serve man and lift his spirits 

Deke was able to spend some time with his mama, Karma.  Mama was less than impressed, but patient nonetheless

How could mama not love that little face?

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