Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reminiscing and a Deke Update

After coming back from Maui, all we could think about was one, going back, or two, summer!  I grabbed some shots from a few trips last summer and threw together last weekends trip up Logan Canyon.  During our trip, runoff literally started as we fished.  The water was in great shape and fish were active, but as we fished our way up river it turned to chocolate milk.  Now we wait.  We wait for the snow to melt, the river to clear....and the Salmon Flies to hatch on the Blacksmith Fork.  Big bugs=big fish.

Even McDonalds has caught on to the Deke.... actually, it's a hockey move meaning "to decoy one's opponent"  But I'm not telling Deke...

Mr. Brown, meet Deke.  Deke, meet Mr. Brown

Deke was a little nervous about the liquid world in which we spend our weekends, but he's getting used to the idea.  He better, there will be plenty of ducks to fetch this winter.

I told Deke if he puts his baby teeth under his pillow, the tooth fairy will bring him Scooby Snacks.  He was not impressed and ran off to eat more sticks and branches.

Sweets with her new favorite fishing partner....assuming I was her favorite before....

Gear Guide, Wyatt, testing the new Simms Aqua-tread soles.  Pretty good stick in the fast stuff

My niece married last summer

There are definitely better shots of the SLC Temple, but I was quite proud of my hand held, no tri-pod shot

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msfive said...

the comment of Deke and sweets--the dog looks like he is smiling. I love it. These are some great pictures.