Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hodge Podge

 It's been a busy last couple of months and I've had these shots sitting on my desktop.  Some shots are from a backpacking trip in the Beartooth Wilderness near Cooke City, Montana.  This was my first trip and I can not wait to back.  The fishing was out of this world.

The training came full circle for Deke.  All of those drills, games, fetching frozen ducks, and boat rides finally came together during the Utah Youth Hunt.  Deke made his first retrieve on a Gadwall.  Followed by some Mallards and a Pintail.  We have a lot to work on, but his basic skills have come into play and most importantly, we're having fun.

 Twin Peaks

 Some "fishy" water.  The scenery was as gorgeous as this everywhere we went

 In the evenings (yes, yes, during The Evening Hatch) fish were stacked up below this inlet.  There were two inlets to this lake.  One had rainbows stacked up, the other had brookies.  They're in the same body of water, but segregated themselves.

So 5 hours after this attack in Cooke City, we rolled into town.  The whole town was talking about it and every campground was closed.  The attack occurred 3 miles from our trail head.  There were 13 of us.  We pressed on, made noise, hung food, and slept with Glocks by our pillows.

Two for one special on the Logan River.  Rooster threw in his dry and dropper and had these little guys hit both flies at once.  A double, the hard way.  

 Not his first.  I was too nervous on his first retrieve that I forgot to grab the camera.

 This green head swam and hid from the Deke'r.  It took both of us to find this one.  Deke put his sniffer to work and found the bush he was hiding in.

 Already looking up for birds.... that didn't take long.

"This duck hunting thing is pretty dirty work..."

 STOP..... shooting? tagging? drawing?.....

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