Monday, November 22, 2010

One last trip....

We have never fished "The Park" this late in the year, and with a season pass and license, we made a quick one day trip.  Found a room at off season rates.  Drove into a completely empty park.... I mean completely empty.  No tourists stopping the middle of the road, no one driving a 153 ft motor home over Dunraven pass, and no one competing for your fishing spot.  Aaah, solitude, just us and da bares.  After the trip, we thought we just might cancel one of our summer trips so we can come back and spend a week next fall.  Oh, and check out the birth of Snake River Layout Boat Company.  Things are getting exciting....

Sweets and Rooster with a double hook up.  I was elbowed out of this hole 15 minutes prior to their feat.

We took turns on this rock, one cast per Fisher.  Fish on... on each cast.  They were small, but fun.

We were asked by the Snake River Layout Boat Company to take one of their prototypes and shoot some promo pictures..... and we get to use it all season!  Gear Guide Wyatt taking the first watch.

Stable boats

We thought what the heck, let's sink it.  We filled it with water and even with Gear Guide Wyatt in the boat, it never sank.  Comforting to know.

Our youngster is becoming a handsome young man.  He's not thrilled about the layout, no room for the Deke, but he can help with the tinder boat.

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