Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to Make Sweets Cry

Making Sweets cry is certainly something I don't ever strive to do.  However, here's how:
1.  She catches a whitey
2.  She breaks her Sage while landing the fish

 I don't recommend purposefully trying it, but she was in near tears the other night when she came home from the Blacksmith Fork.

Uh-oh, Houston?....

How to make Sweets smile?  Upgrade!

First order of business was to get it slimey

Picked a good day to go...

Rusty from over at Livin' the Dream invited me along on a sled ride.  He rode.  I pretended and took pictures.

Pucker up for Sweets!


Rusty said...

So I figure she broke her rod one of 2 ways... either that was one heck of a fish that snapped it... OR... our friend, who I won't mention, but his name rymes with riot, but starts with a "W". was jealous of all the fish she was catchin so he snapped it.

Sanders said...

...and all is right in the world.

great photos as always!