Sunday, July 26, 2009

Breakin' in the Blog

Is there a better way to consummate The Evening Hatch than with a trip report to Yellowstone National Park? The crew headed up for 3 solid days of hiking and fishing. For a place that was created when a volcano blew up and spewed ash as far away as Dallas, Yellowstone is one of the most beautiful places I know, and one that is on our annual bucket list of places to fish.

Over the years we have hiked and explored areas of the park in search of nirvana. We think we found it. Odd how we come home after logging miles and awake wanting to go back and do it again…..well, I guess it really isn’t that odd….

Sweets proving that the tug is the drug

Spawners in the inlet to Trout Lake

Suspension bridge over the Yellowstone River

A Yellowstone Wolf...... no, not really, but when there are a bunch of people standing around taking pictures of a coyote, and you happen to mention to the South Floridian's that this wolf looks to be a year old, it sure is fun to see their excitment increase as they spread the "word" through the rest of the Nikon weilding tourists...... Ahhh, I love messing with tourists.

Ricardo hooking up with a really big ant

Rooster looking for a landing strip

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