Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home Waters....

Aaaah, yes, home water (it rained all day). I am privileged to live in an area where, 10 minutes after leaving work I can be on one of two “blue ribbon” trout streams (what the heck is a blue ribbon trout stream anyway). 30 minutes after work I can be on 2 other streams and 45 minutes after work I can hit 3 additional rivers plus some pretty cool still waters. So why take off every weekend and fish rivers in other states? Don’t know… Anyway, since we are heading to the Wind Rivers Range next week, Ricardo and I thought we would take advantage of the rain…. I mean the local waters. We hit one of our favorite stretches to kick things off. Did I mention it rained? Yeah, it rained the entire time we were fishing. But, the fishing was good enough to keep our hopes from getting drowned. Here are a few pics, and I apologize for the quality, because of the rain we left the SLR at home and got by with the point and shoot.

Ummm, hey Ricardo, the fish is upside down...

That's better....

Seeing an old wrecked car upside in the river always brings the questions; who, when, and what in the crud happened?

Apparently Mr. Brown didn't read the signs, this is cutthroat water and the browns and rainbows are not supposed to migrate this far up the canyon.

Ricardo highstickin'. His middle name is Czech.

One of the nicer colored up fish we pulled in

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