Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bonneville, population 24

I love fishing our home waters for Cutthroats.  Bonneville Cutthroats are the native fish to the Bear River drainage and our backyard.  Well, technically, the Rocky Mountain Whitefish is the true native, but no one really wants to admit it.  The Bonneville Cutthroat has been adopted by Wasatch Fronters as the offical State Fish of Utah.  I think they were trying to make up for naming the seagull as the state bird.... Anyway, our rivers have finally hit what we consider a fishable flow and clarity.  Anglers have been having luck all summer long, but The Hatch doesn't consider the river fishable until we can stand in the middle of the river and not end up at 3rd dam, being hooked by a bank fisherman throwing hamburger on treble hooks.  Ironically, the first time we are able to fish the river, we are already into hopper season.

Even the Deke'r got out

"Hey, you new 'round here?"


Anonymous said...

Nice fish, glad to see the hopper action in full swing.

Sanders said...

Beautiful fish and beautiful photos!

I look forward to following along.

Trout Magee said...

Hoppers for everyone!! Glad to hear the waters are finally cooperating out there. Great Post. Tight lines.