Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday? Purple Friday!

Since wading icy rivers and slippery rocks seemed so much safer than braving our local Walmart, Deke and I set out to make a point.  Purple flies catch fish.  Since I have yet to train Deke with the ins and outs of a DSLR, you'll have to settle for self-fish-portraits.... but good enough to make the point.  Start tying.

 Purple Peanut...

 MK Midge

Purple Peanut, again.  I had consistent hits and hook ups using those two flies.  I even managed to hook Deke in the tongue..... yeah, we wrestled around on the ground and until I was able to get a hold of his tongue in one hand and the fly in the other, one strong pull and we had a clean release.  After taking a few drinks of river, he looked at me with a "Dude, WTF?" look.  Sorry buddy.


Wolfgang said...

Wow, I love the last shot with the horses with this red/white-contrast and the well captured winter atmosphere. Really good work!

Sanders said...

The purple peanut looks like a winner!

Great fish and great photos as always...awesome.