Monday, December 26, 2011

Blue Skies and Coooooold

Deke and I got out just before Christmas for some river hunting.  It's been cold and our flat water is stiff.  We have been hitting the rivers and finding birds.  It was single digits.  When it's this cold, ice dust rains down on you and anything that gets dipped in water, instantly freezes, including waders and Deke.

The signs of success? Ice on the ears and a little red spot on the forehead

 Single digit temps never keep Deke from attending to his duties


Sanders said...

Beautiful photos!

Shells, Birds, and a happy dog...cheers!

Jake Parson said...

Great shots. I really like that big old drake greenhead it the last one. Looks like you are taking advantage of the cold temps.


Rusty said...


Murphy Kane said...

Great STUFF!!! followed you here from the G and G web site. Wanted to tell you how to get your gravatar picture to show up. On the G and G comments page "Hover" over the white man in the box next to your name and edit your gravatar profile to get a picture to show up. LOVE YOU PHOTOS MAN!!!!

Richard said...

Murphy, thanks! I put up Bent Rod Media, great stuff over there!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich....if I don't already have U up I will