Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 10 in 2011

Last year we posted up our "favorite" shots of 2010.  Not the "best of", but our favorite images because of the stories they told.  This year we tried to find what we felt were the top 10 images of 2011.  We sure had fun putting ourselves in position to take these shots....and with more vacation time coming in 2012, there's more fun on the way...

 Sweets on the Green River.  She was having one of those days where everyone was into fish, but she was having to work her butt off.  Until this guy grabbed her Chronic and headed straight for the deep.  I love the colors and the bend her rod.

Sweets on our favorite winter fishery.  She worked this run to where the river forked.  No hits.  She changed flies and swung a Goldi Lox through the back end of the fork.  Bam!  It was the fish of the day.  After a couple of tail walks, Deke decided he was going to help Sweets land her fish.  He jumped in for the retrieve, promptly dislodging the fly from the fishes mouth and lodging the fly in his hide.  He didn't get near Sweets for the rest of the day.  He knew.

 This is one of those "accidents".  The fog was coming off the river as the sun began to warm the air.  I grabbed the camera to see if I could capture what I was seeing.  I didn't think the camera would meter the shot correctly.  I was pretty happy with what I saw when the images were downloaded.

 It was a one duck day and Deke made the best of it.

One of our favorite stillwaters.  I saw the sky turning orange from the dirt road leading to the ramp.  Not knowing how long it would last, I floored it, grabbed the camera and the tripod, and ran across the dam.  The sky was back to grey before I got back to the truck.

 The morning after a day of hopper fishing, I found this guy hanging out on our deck.  I grabbed the fly, set it down, took a pic, then moved the fly closer and closer.  This was as close as he'd let me get.  I love the "What the..." look on his face.

Gear Guide Wyatt and fall on the Logan River.  It was a damp cold morning.  I breathed hot air on the lens just before hitting the shutter.  Another one of those "accident" shots.

Does it look cold?  Please tell it me it looks cold, because it was dang cold this morning.  This is the same Logan River, after it has run its course through those mountains you see.  At this point, it has picked up the Blacksmith Fork (a great fishery in itself) and meets the Little Bear just down river from this location.  A little further down it meets the Bear River and together they all end their journey in the Great Salt Lake.

Deke (and Boomer did as well) thinks every bird flying in the air is a duck, and it's going to fly over to our decoys, and someones gonna shoot it, and he'll get to retrieve it.  Labs are more optimistic than  fly fishermen in the middle of a BWO hatch.  This is my favorite of the year.

The South Fork of the Snake River.  September.  PMD's.  Browns?  Gear Guide Wyatt caught five different species of fish this day (one being a nice Sucker).


Sanders said...

A great look back. Whether it was a calculated success, or happy accident, the photos tell some great stories.

Looking forward to what you have in store for us in 2012.

Happy New Years!

HighPlainsFlyFisher said...

Incredible photos of what looks like an incredible year. I couldn't even venture to pick a favorite one , they're all top notch! Like Sanders I'm looking forward to more great stuff in 2012....Jeff

Anonymous said...

That grasshopper photos is fantastic! Shared your blog with some friends on Facebook. Hope you don't mind.