Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ducks, Dogs, and a really bad miss....

Our still waters are becoming as Thumper would say "Stiff".  With ice on, the fly rod tends to get left behind on the outings.  But this is ok, the birds have been flying and the duck blind has become a little more active.  The puppies are now 2 weeks old and their eyes are beginning to open.  These pups have great genetics and will make many a hunter proud. 

This is my favorite time of year, Thanksgiving.  Great food, football, and time off work.  I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and be careful as we start the Holiday Season.

Who can NOT like puppies?  Every kid should have the opportunity to see puppies born and the miracle of life

Big Bill.  He didn't miss any meals in the womb.  He was by far the largest pup and seems to be ahead of the curve over his siblings.

I'm expecting a call from Benelli.

Can you tell why these divers are called Golden Eyes?

What do you see?  Faces.  I tried to tell my buddies that their faces were flaring birds, this is my proof.  Although, I don't think they care, but at least I had an excuse when 600 geese came in waves and landed everywhere, but in our decoys.

If the position of the wad in relation to the bird is any indicator, this is a miss..... and a pretty bad one at that.

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Rusty said...

maybe he was seeing double... or quadrupal on that shot... was he drinking?