Sunday, September 18, 2011

Double Dipping the Fork

For hunters living on State borders, double dipping is shooting a limit in one state, then driving across the border to shoot a limit in another state (obviously, you need licenses in both States).  Technically, this is legal but frowned upon.  To flyfishers, double dipping is hitting up a body of water that was producing the previous trip and doing it all over again.  To George Castanza, double dipping is just the way chips and dip are consumed.  Gear Guide Wyatt and I double dipped the South Fork after our Labor Day trip.  The double dip produced.

If you've never fished the South Fork, there are gravel bars all over the lower section (of the upper section)They are in the middle of the river and untouchable by wade fisherman.  They drop off into deep runs, allowing you to anchor and then work the edge.  Gear Guide Wyatt on the edge.

Not a UFO, PMD

We managed 5 species in one day (fivecta?).  Cutt, Brownie, Bow, Whitey, and this Sucker.... sucker.


mike doughty said...

great photos and some great looking fish, except the sucker of course

Flyfishermanrichard. said...


I found your wonderful blog today. The fish photo's are simply stunning, stunning. I going to follow.


Have a look and follow if yo get time?

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos, Mike, don't hate on the suckers lol

e.m.b. said...

Great post! And by the way, I really like the tag line of your blog. It's chairs should not be included!

Richard said...

Thanks E, credit goes to Sweets for the tag line. I'm not that creative.